Thesis Offers

You are studying Computer Science at TU Kaiserslautern and are searching for possible topics of Bachelor's or Master's theses? You are interested in data management and data analysis techniques and have successfully attended respective lectures? Then do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Available Topics

  • Incorporating Richer Schemas into Schema-based Column Reordering for Dremel-encoded Data (Bachelor-level supervised by Patrick Hansert)
  • Memory Tradeoffs in Transparent Schema-based Column Reordering (Master-level supervised by Patrick Hansert)
  • Reordering Functionally Dependent Columns (Master-level supervised by Patrick Hansert)
  • Design and Implementation of a Distributed Dataset Search Infrastructure (Bachelor-level supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel)
  • Top-k Multi-Attribute External Sort (Bachelor-level supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel)
If you are interested in one of these topics, feel free to contact the supervisor with further questions. Other topics may be available, feel free to contact us.