OLAT course: Will be announced later.


  • Organizational matters and regulations are discussed in the first lecture. Short preview:
  • The lecture contents will be provided via short videos, accompanied with one Q&A session per week, on TBD.
  • In addition, there will be two weekly TA sessions on Wednesday morning / noon.
  • Successful participation in the exercises is mandatory for exam admissions.
  • All important information, notifications and materials will be sent over the OLAT course
  • Additionally there is a Mattermost team for improved communications.
  • OLAT course: Will be announced later.
  • Mattermost chat (RHRK account required): https://teamwork.rarp-kl.de/signup_user_complete/?id=3jkgewq7yin5zbg1hqpwxrxe9o

Lecture Videos

We will provide the videos also at different platforms announced in OLAT, but here are the lecture videos as a Youtube playlist:


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

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Head of Research Group

Angjela Davitkova

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PhD Student