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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Michel

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Head of Research Group


Heike Neu

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Doctoral Researchers

Angjela Davitkova

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PhD Student

Damjan Gjurovski

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Patrick Hansert

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Student Assistants

Bozhou Bai

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Felix Winkler

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Doctoral Researchers

  • Dr.-Ing. Nico Schäfer (Thesis: "On Enabling Efficient and Scalable Processing of Semi-Structured Data", 2023)
  • Dr.-Ing. Manuel Dossinger (Thesis: "Optimizing Multi-Way Joins for Adaptive, Scale-out Stream Processing", 2022)
  • Dr.-Ing. Kiril Panev (Thesis: "Exploring Data through Ranked Entities", 2019)
  • Dr.-Ing. Evica Milchevski (Thesis: "Similarity Search Algorithms over Top-k Rankings and Class-Constrained Objects", 2019)
  • Dr.-Ing. Koninika Pal (Thesis: "Mining and Querying Ranked Entities", 2018)
  • Dr.-Ing. Foteini Alvanaki (at Saarland University) (Thesis: "Mining interesting events on large and dynamic data", 2015)
  • Dr.-Ing. Aleksandar Stupar (at Saarland University) (Thesis: "Soundtrack recommendation for images", 2013)

Bachelor Students

  • Ngoc Anh Le (Thesis: "Design and Realization of Federated Databases via REST APIs", 2024)
  • Tiancheng Fang (Thesis: "Design and Implementation of a Community News Portal", 2023)
  • Sebastian Hesse (Thesis: "Estimating Sizes of Partitioned Parquet Files", 2023)
  • Yuanqi Wang (Thesis: "Leveraging Structural Correlations for Improving Parquet Compression", 2023)
  • Edgar Geier (Thesis: "Optimized Learned, Multidimensional Index Structures", 2022)
  • Sophia Porcher (Thesis: "Cardinality Estimation for Theta Joins", 2022)
  • Gianna Nicolai (Thesis: "Specification and Prototypical Implementation of an Educational Textbook RDBMS", 2022)
  • Jan Heidemann (Thesis: "Identifying Core Items for Stream Processing at the Edge", 2022)
  • Bozhou Bai (Thesis: "An Interactive Query Advisor To Explore Semi-Structured Data", 2022)
  • Tobias Mandt (Thesis: "Vergleich der Anfragesprachen und Datenmodelle Apache Kafka KSQL und STREAM CQL", 2021)
  • Nils Altenhofen (Thesis: "Accelerating Data Exploration over Semi-Structured Data via Multiple Query Optimization", 2021)
  • David Schulz (Thesis: "Impact of Schema Design on the Performance of Column- and Row-Oriented RDBMS for Automated Tuning", 2021)
  • Mark Emmert (Thesis: "On understanding variance and geographic bias of product prices in a large international online retailer", 2021)
  • Benedikt Rothstein (Thesis: "Distributed, Schema-Free Similarity Join", 2020)
  • Manuel Weis (Thesis: "Automatisierung des Vorlesungsverzeichnisses mittels Datenfusion und Vollständigkeitsbewertung", 2020)
  • Lukas Bayer (Thesis: "Evaluierung und datenbankgestützte Realisierung des Zuordnungsproblems am Beispiel einer schulischen Projektwochenorganisation", 2019)
  • Tobias Jeske (Thesis: "Exploiting Metric-Space Properties for All-Pairs Similarity Search over Top-K Rankings using Spark", 2019)
  • Tobias Horst (Thesis: "Adaptive Multi-Way Stream Join Processing", 2019)
  • Dania Almadani (Thesis: "Analysing Versatility, Usability, and Efficiency of IoT Standards", 2019)
  • Constantin Roudsarabi (Thesis: "Cost-Based Join-Order Optimization for Stream Processing", 2018)
  • Marc Dörr (Thesis: "Analysis of Online Information Gathering on Crowdsourced Data", 2018)
  • Benjamin Hassenfratz (Thesis: "Implementing Iterative Probabilistic Self-Joins of Semi-Structured Data in Apache Flink", 2017)
  • Patrick Hansert (Thesis: "Estimating the Impact of Missing Values in Relational Database Systems", 2017.)
  • Marcel Schütz (Thesis: "Ranking-based Database Exploration", 2017)
  • Thomas Schneider (Thesis: "Understanding Applicability of Key-Value Stores for Processing Queries over Relational Data Streams", 2017)
  • Michael Mayer (Thesis: "Development of an Interactive Data Exploration Interface for PALEO", 2017)
  • Maximilian van den Berg (Thesis: "A Comparison of Trend Detection Approaches for Social Media", 2017)

Master Students

  • Tao Huang (Thesis: "A Comparative Analysis of Clustering Approaches as RLE Compression Boosters", 2024)
  • Thi Kim Ngan Nguyen (Thesis: "Approximate Query Processing Over Tuple Summaries", 2023)
  • Ghad Niyomwungeri (Thesis: "Data Partitioning for Theta Join Processing over Semi-structured Data", 2023)
  • Ramya Bankanal (Thesis: "Inferring facts/links in relational databases using machine learning models", 2021)
  • Pooja Navalgund (Thesis: "Adaptive optimization of windowed aggregation in scale-out data stream processing", 2021)
  • Patrick Hansert (Thesis: "Adaptive Query Compilation for Data-Wrangling Tasks Over Semi-Structured Data", 2021)
  • Marc Dörr (Thesis: "Learned Multidimensional Bloom Filter", 2021)
  • Kapil Agnihotri (Thesis: "Learned Sampling for Accurate Cardinality Estimation in Knowledge Graphs", 2021)
  • Constantin Roudsarabi (Thesis: "Learning and Improving Data Partitioning for Distributed Stream Joins", 2021)
  • Chandralekha Banerji (Thesis: "Weakly Supervised Question Answering over Relational Data", 2021)
  • Abhishek Kumar (Thesis: "Theta Joins over semi-structured Data Streams", 2021)
  • Zaid Tariq (Thesis: "Similarity Joins Over Data Streams", 2020)
  • Tahmid Ekram (Thesis: "Late Materialization for Multiway Stream Joins", 2020)
  • Sohan Saha Poddar (Thesis: "Distributed execution of queries on semi-structured data", 2020)
  • Shalini Bani (Thesis: "Multi Query Optimization in Apache Spark", 2020)
  • Sebastian Lang (Thesis: "Adaptive Indexing of Semi-Structured Data", 2020)
  • Samudranil Roy (Thesis: "Machine Learning for Robust Rotor Temperature Estimation", 2019)
  • Damjan Gjurovski (Thesis: "Scaling out Equi Joins over Massive Semi-Structured Data Streams", 2019)
  • Benjamin Hassenfratz (Thesis: "A novel FP-tree-based Join Algorithm over JSON Document Streams", 2019)
  • Angjela Davitkova (Thesis: "Toward Improving Spatial Data Indexing with Machine Learning Techniques", 2019)
  • Peter Brucker (with DECON Gmbh) (Thesis: "Automated Answer Retrieval in a Service Desk Environment", 2018)
  • Nico Scäfer (Thesis: "Vertically-Scaled JSON On-Demand Processing With JODA", 2018)
  • Michael Mayer (Thesis: "A Versatile Data Generator for Benchmarking Stream Joins", 2018)
  • Michael Hohenstein (Thesis: "Exploiting Knowledge Bases and Contextual Information for Annotating Web Tables", 2018)
  • Marion Stadtmüller (Thesis: "Understanding Result Quality of Rank Aggregation Methods", 2018)
  • Christoph Scheib (Thesis: "Scaling Up Real-World Datasets for Realistic Evaluation of Database Systems", 2018)
  • Zahra Zamansani (Thesis: "Optimizing External Queries by Adaptive Caching in Vora: Frameworkand Implementation using Spark SQL", 2017)
  • Stefan Braun (Thesis: "Processing Stream Joins under Time-Varying Selectivities", 2017)
  • Julia Straßer (Thesis: "Continuous Iterative Entity Matching under Varying Statistics", 2017)
  • Fabian Neffgen (Thesis: "Processing KNN Queries under Categorical Constraints", 2017)
  • Divya Venkatesan (Thesis: "Persistent Data Structures for Full-Text Indexes", 2017.)
  • Felipe Schmidt (Thesis: "Distributed All-Pairs Similarity Joins of Top-K Rankings Using Spark", 2016)
  • Arghavan Hosseinzadeh da Silva (Thesis: "Mining Feasible Description for a Set of Entities", 2016)
  • Nico Weisenauer (Thesis: "PALEO-J: A Framework for Reverse Engineering Top-k Join Queries", 2015)
  • Angeeka Biswas (Thesis: "Retrieving a Web User’s Personal Information", 2015.)
  • Manuel Hoffmann (Thesis: "Algorithms and Probabilistic Models for Similarity Joins over JSON Documents", 2015)
  • Jana Lampe (Thesis: "Exploratory Data Analysis", 2015)
  • Jonathan Priebe (Thesis: "Scaling out Trend Detection with Storm", 2015)